The King Rat and His Court: Lessons in Corporate Greed By William Arthur Bruno Illustrated By Eduardo del Rio

      William (Bill) Bruno worked in corporate offices and boardrooms of major corporations for over 30 years. His primary interests are corporate governance, leadership ethics, international energy security and sustainable development. He has been an international speaker in energy forums and a lecturer to classes in the Department of Defense and Department of Energy.
      A native of Greenwich, Connecticut, he received Bachelor of Science with distinction and Masters of Engineering degrees in civil engineering from Cornell University. At Cornell, he tailored his studies into an interdisciplinary program of earth sciences, sociology, economics and environmental law--which today would be known as the study of sustainable development. At the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, he received a Masters of Business Administration. Bruno joined the energy industry during the height of the first energy crisis, and embarked on a career as an energy executive.
      In addition to his accomplishments in the energy industry, Bruno served as a Captain in the United States Army Corps of Engineers, is a registered civil engineer in the State of New York, a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a consultant to energy companies and Wall Street equity investors, and has served as an officer and board member for nonprofit institutions including a community hospital in Pittsburgh where he organized and chaired a new committee to champion improvements in clinical quality and patient safety.
      Bill and his wife, Lynne, are the parents of two children -- William James Bruno and Anna Lynne Bruno. Bill and Lynne reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts.


      Eduardo Paul del Rio was born in Salamanca, Spain and grew up on the fiercely tilled farmlands of Yuba City, in Northern California. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Literature from the University of San Francisco and studied illustration at the Universidad de Salamanca.
      del Rio has spent the last several years working as a commercial and fine artist in San Francisco. His oil paintings and sculptures have been featured in galleries throughout the San Francisco area, and he has directed creative projects for many top global brands.
      Today, del Rio lives and works in New York City. In his work, the densely layered urban spaces of New York are intertwined with the imagery and grace of an older world and the limitless innovative spirit of California. Perhaps del Rio’s heart resides in California and his soul resides in Spain. Evocatively, his passion transcends place and time.
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