The King Rat and His Court: Lessons in Corporate Greed By William Arthur Bruno Illustrated By Eduardo del Rio

Cape Cod Times

Explore new books by local authors

By Melanie Lauwers

October 4, 2009

Part-time Vineyard Haven author William Bruno has penned a "lighthearted yet resolute" look at the inner workings of the American corporation…

Cape Cod Times

Martha’s Vineyard Times

In Print : The King Rat and His Court - A broadside against greed

By Jack Shea

August 20, 2009

Anyone who's commuted on MetroNorth or driven the daily commute to corporate hell can tell that author William Bruno has done some serious time in corporate America…

Martha’s Vineyard Times

Vineyard Gazette

Books: The Dark Minds of Money Men

By Holly Nadler

July 10, 2009

For all of us who’ve gnashed our teeth over congressional hearings about corporate bailouts paid out of taxpayers’ dollars, to the financial apocalypse that slammed Wall Street harder than the tidal wave in the movie The Day After Tomorrow, this book that nails the rats in the system and how they work it, helps to vindicate our sense of injustice...

Upper St. Clair Today Magazine

Book Review—The King Rat and His Court

Fall 2009

The King Rat and His Court: Lessons in Corporate Greed was released on April 1, 2009. The book examines large organizations from the inside out, starting with the CEO and chairman of the board, and then tackling everyone involved, from Wall Street analysts to executive search firms...

Upper St. Clair Today Magazine

Midwest Book Review

The King Rat

By Paul T. Vogel

June 2009

Since some blame for the recent financial crisis lays squarely on the shoulders of certain shady CEOs, "The King Rat and His Court" is timely and appropriate reading given current events. Highly recommended...

Midwest Book Review

The Cornell Business Journal


By William Arthur Bruno, Guest Writer

May 1, 2009

Free market economics depends on the virtue of the participants. Our economic system can withstand a large, but limited, number of parasites. However, when they increase to an intolerable level, the host is jeopardized…

The Cornell Business Journal


Book Review: The King Rat and His Court by William Arthur Bruno

By Laura Axelrod

April 28, 2009

'The King Rat' is an effective guidebook for employees who find themselves surrounded by rat-faced leaders…


News release

New Business Book Exposes Wayward Leaders and Empowers Employees and Shareholders

The King Rat and His Court: Lessons in Corporate Greed is released on

PITTSBURGH, April 1, 2009 – At a time when corporate ethics seem to have hit rock bottom, a new book from author, William Bruno, and illustrator, Eduardo del Rio, sheds light on the underlying problem—our leaders are rats.

The King Rat and His Court examines the organization from the inside out, starting with the CEO and Chairman of the Board, and then tackling everyone involved, from Wall Street analysts to executive search firms. No one gets a free ride, and the only protagonist is you—the honest, hard working employee and shareholder.

The book mindfully examines what types of organizations are likely breeding grounds for rats, while providing guidance for honest employees to detect and exterminate the rats. Armed with this information, the reader is called to assess his or her own organization with the hope to find honesty, efficiency and fairness, but with the pragmatism to know that infestation is usually just a matter of degree.

“The King Rat and his Court is about the sad state of political and corporate governance,” said author, Bill Bruno. “I wrote this book to shed daylight on how mediocre, and even incompetent, leaders gain and maintain power. The plague is upon us, as the rats breed and feed at our expense.”

del Rio’s masterful illustrations give the book a sense of determined irony. This most serious of subjects is also comical, and although average employees are desperate to restore honesty and integrity to their organizations, they must first laugh at their leaders.

For those who have asked the questions: “how did we get ourselves into this state of affairs?” and “are we too far gone?” The King Rat and His Court provides long-sought and well-deserved answers. Anyone interested in management, leadership, corporate ethics and greed will be fascinated by the unique treatment of this subject by Bruno and del Rio.

About the Author and Illustrator

William A. Bruno has over thirty years experience as a corporate executive and is an international speaker and lecturer on sustainable development and energy security.

Eduardo del Rio is a commercial and fine artist living in New York City. Select work can be viewed at

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